About choosing the right rooftent…

Over the years we have done a lot of thinking about whether we did choose the right tent for our incredible camper-trailer.

Back then, when we got the trailer, we ended up choosing the giant tent, made for the trailer, but before that decision we where very close to buying a Eezi Awn family tent instead.

Our dilemma was always  whether to go for the comfort in the big tent, or the flexibility in the smaller tent.

After years of traveling with the giant and comfortable tent, we are now at a crossroad. We really miss the opportunity the make the quick pitch. Quite often we only use the little Eezi Awn on the car,  combined with sleeping in the back of the car, when we don’t want or doesn’t have the opportunity to make a real camp. We really do take up a lot of space with the awning and the poles and the guy lines, and it takes some time to pitch and pack up.

So now we have made a big decision- we will change the trailer tent! And it’s really quite sad, because we have come to love the old one. We definitely don’t have the money, and if we did we would definitely spend them traveling, but the fact that it makes us use the trailer to seldom, is a shame.

So decision is made. Off goes the old, well used and beloved trailer tent in favor for a solution with an Eezi Awn t-top and a 270 awning.

Thats the most flexible solution I can ever imagine!