Our equipment makes us capable to travel long self reliant overland journeys. During the years all the gear has been tested rather thoroughly. Actually most of it has been used from 71°northern latitude in Norway to 57°southern latitude in Argentina. In temperatures between  –25°C and +45°C, above 4.000 meters above sea-level and in all sorts of weather.

There are no sponsors and therefore we are not obligated to write anything about anything. So whenever we mention specific equipment we must have been so impressed with what we’ve bought that we just feel a strong urge to share our discovery.

The Car

Land Rover Defender Td5 110 STW. The car is customized to meet our needs, ex we have built in a Webasto heater. It gives us the possibility to sit inside warm and cosy without having the motor started. This has shown to be a very nice feature when its freezing cold inside the tent in the morning and we set up the breakfast table in the car.

Otherwise the car is kept as it was thought out on the factory in Solihull Warwickshire.

…well it might have slightly more power than the original – but then it is as they should have thought it out in Solihull..!

The Trailer

Our expedition trailer from South African Desert Wolf is really something special. It is made of stainless steel and built to accommodate 5-6 persons. We sleep on a good thick and comfy mattress placed in our roof top tent on top of the trailer. High above the ground and safe from bugs and other annoying things.

Our kitchen is well equipped, with gas-stove, running water and a fridge/freezer from National Luna. The kitchen area is covered by a 270 degree awning to secure shade (or cover for rain).

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The trailer also has a huge luggage compartment, plenty of room to store food, clothing and other stuff. It has built in tanks for 100 liters spare fuel, 75 liters of freshwater and having a 2×115 Ah powerbank installed to supply the lights and the fridge means we can travel more than a week without charging. The split charger give us the ability to charge from either the vehicle when driving or from a ground supply when camping.

The trailer is designed specially for the Defender. All has the same width and ground clearance, which makes it very easy to handle, even in difficult terrain. It is fitted with original Land Rover rims and all-terrain tires. So in case of a puncture we have eight identical wheels.

The Canoe

Ally DR 16,5 folding canoe. An absolutely  brilliant thing to always have on the roof rack. You never know when you get the chance to go canoeing and it doesn’t take up much space when it’s packed in its sack.

The Rest

  • Iridium Satellite phone
  • GPS
  • 230V inverter
  • Recovery gear
  • Travel liberary – with books and games