Life is a journey, make it an interesting one!

We see ourselves as a traveling family!

We love to travel and we prefer to travel as overlanders. The classic way – in our iconic Land Rover Defender with our genius expedition-trailer behind.

Actually  that’s not the entire truth. Since we are a family raised as individuals the real deal is that we don’t always agree on what is the best way to travel. We don’t have a “one-way-fits-all” lifestyle so sometimes we leave the Land Rover behind and just travel. But we all love the principle in being self reliant, independent and able to go anywhere – as overlanders.

When we go overlanding the journey is the goal in itself  which is both stress free and adventurous  – that specific part we never argue about…

…but over the years we have become a bit more comfortable.

So no matter overlanding is generally about simple outdoor living, we make no compromises with neither comfort nor meals while trailing our fully equipped but still primitive “home-on-wheels” around.

We see life as a journey and we want to get the most out of it!

When traveling with those who matters to you, you realize that the sense of rightness and safety doesn’t depend on where you are, but with whom you are. “Home” is really just a state of mind.

When we write about our journeys it’s simply because we like to write. We publish our travel stories on this site because we want to stay in touch but never really manages to send postcards to family and friends and because we love to read about other travelers journeys and get inspiration. So we mainly write for our own sake, but please feel free to be inspired 🙂

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Any questions? – don’t hesitate to ask!

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