We are a  fairly ordinary family of 5. On the regular basis we live, work and go to school in Odense in Denmark. That’s our base camp – that’s home!

But It seems like we are extraordinary hardly bitten by the travelbug. At least we do have a tendency dreaming about new places and cultures to visit – and we really have a bad habit to realize our dreams…

…and then “home” is just where we park it. We have realized that it doesn’t matter where we go as long as we go with people who matter to us. Home is really just a state of mind.

Unfortunately our economy is NOT extraordinary, so when we can afford to go, it´s all because of our everyday priorities. Over the years that has brought us to more than 55 different countries on 6 continents.

Our goal is definitely not to become wealthy if we get old, but to have the coolest picturebook in the nursing home!

When we write about our journeys it’s simply because we like to write. We publish our travel stories on this site because we always want to stay in touch with so many people but never really manages to send postcards to anyone.
We also publish because we love to read what other travelers publish and get inspiration from that.
So bottom line is – we mainly write for our own sake, but please feel free to be inspired 🙂