Please cover my back, Mudflap!

We honestly don’t believe mudflaps are the most exciting subject to talk about, but after we’ve lost several sets of them over the years, we believe they might be worth a little notice.

When going through all sorts of terrain towing a trailer, you really learn to appreciate having something to cover your back, so you don’t need to shovel layers of thick mud away from the trailer before you can set up camp. I guess most motorists driving behind us on a regular road thinks the same. So for more than one reason we like to have our back covered.

The original mudflaps only lasted a few years before the rubber-flaps suddenly fell off – they probably ended laying somewhere in the most beautiful and fragile nature, depressing some rare species of flora to grow and definitely reminds some hikers what environmental pigs all them 4×4 drivers are.

But we aren’t! We actually pick up garbage when we see it, and leaving large pieces of rubber behind is definitely against our codex.

Replacing the original mudflaps with a set of unoriginals didn’t help much. Instead it really supported the hikers in their otherwise unfair judgement of us being careless about the nature. The unoriginals lasted even shorter than the originals and they probably ended in a small and very scenic river of major environmental importance – maybe even causing a devastating flood somewhere very sensitive…

We just don’t like leaving traces of that kind! It really does bother us!

So now we’ve bought a new set of ultra flexible mudflaps – from Tuff-Rok. They were not cheap!

But since the old crappy originals and their successors (from the blue boxes) never lasted anywhere near as long as one would expect – especially having the price in mind – and we don’t have to change the new ones every other year, we bet they will turn out not being expensive at all.

And how they look great on the Land Rover! They even came with stainless steel brackets to ensure our new and very long lasting relationship is solid founded and to make sure we all will look good through all ages. Or at least the mudflaps will…