Planning sucks!

Planning sucks! – or to be more accurate; we suck at making plans – or actually we are okay making plans, we just always change them. To make a detailed plan and stick to them, is just not one of our skills.

In most other aspects, my co-driver (in life), compensates for my lack of skills and vice versa. But when it comes to make trustworthy plans, none of us are especially trustworthy. 

Like when we made plans for a journey to Scotland, whereafter we ended up spending a month in Wales. The following year, our plans were definitely to visit the Scottish highlands,…but instead we found ourselves exploring the Icelandic highlands for a month. 

When planning our epic winter tour to deeply frozen North Cape, I ended up in the hot damp jungle in Belize, just because I came by an awesome website while trying to find fitting instructions for our new auxiliary lights for the Land Rover.

This spring we have spent hours planning a journey to Slovenia and Croatia, but have now bought ferry tickets to Corsica…

If this sounds as a complaint, or as if it constantly are causing us troubles, that is definitely not the meaning. We are both well adjusted and pretty happy with our state of minds and we believe we just happens to make the most out of it! And why is that?

People say planing the journey is half the experience – which we agree in. And since we are such poor planners and therefore always change our plans we also have to do a lot of plan changing. Plus sometimes we end up places we have absolutely had no intentions in going and therefore never would have planned in the first place. So actually we think that being poor at planning, sometimes become an unintentionally good asset when we travel.

About Scotland? – eventually and after several tries, we succeeded and made it there as well, and as always, we had a brilliant tour in very authentic whisky-weather.

Feel free to be inspired to make new plans, expect the unexpected and let reality help you change whatever you have planned…