Tested and Approved!

It’s really weird how you connect emotionally to material goods, that doesn’t have the slightest chance to ever love you back.

But I did grow feelings for our big South African tent, that originally was mounted on the trailer. It was ambivalent feelings though. On one side we have spent hours of quality time in that tent and on the other we have spent to many hours finding a spot big enough to actually pitch it.

Now we have claimed our freedom back – we want a solution, that both gives us enough space to live and the flexibility to be pitched just about anywhere.

And now our new roof tent is mounted, tested and fully approved!

South African quality

There are a lot brands and styles to choose from. We wanted the classic fold up style with the possibility to add a ground tent when needed.

So we ended up buying an Eezi-Awn t-top. The same brand as the small tent we have used for years on top of the Land Rover.

Eezi-Awn is a South African based company specializing in roof top tents, awnings, and roof racks for over 31 years, so they do know something about quality and what makes things last.

Size does matter

1,8 meters is the deal. That is the largest single ladder tent in the t-top line. It’s based on the same folding platform design and main features as the Series 3 1800, but has an extended roof line and the possibility to add on a ground tent. It accommodates 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 small children inside the tent and sleeping space for 2 more adults in the Add-On-Room. But it doesn’t have the extremely large fly sheet, and we don’t have to set up the add-on-room if we don’t need it. So all in all we still have the same amount of space as in the old tent, only now we have the optimum of flexibility and comfort.

To “cover” up for the lack of flysheet, we have chosen an Eezi-awn 270 degree bat awning. An absolutely brilliant awning that only takes 2 minutes to set up, and since it is independent from the tent, we now have the ability to set up cover for sun or rain when we have a short stopover.

We made a stainless rack to the trailer, to get the tent mounted in the right height, and we had to build a new insulated bottom for the tent to avoid moisture under the mattress.

So now we’re all set, and I’m pretty sure feelings will grow even bigger now that we have all the long wanted flexibility!